Yes, I understand it has been quite a while since you heard from me. I am updating this in the rare moment of free-time I can manage. I am alive, don’t worry. Man, this motherhood thing is really hard. Pray for me.


introducing baby Basil!

I am so excited to announce that baby Basil came into the world this week! Inshallah I’ll write more when I have the baby’s new schedule down. 

Hadeel ❤️

a letter to my future son

I wanted to write this letter to my son, and also as a think piece.  Because obviously a fetus cannot read until age three and it might be better to write this now than to wait a year until he can make out letters.

Quick background though, I am 8 months pregnant. Bet that was a shock because I never mentioned it in the pathetic postings within 8 months I have managed to put up. Also, for personal reasons, I wasn’t too keen to celebrate the pregnancy as it was something I could not come to terms with. However, here is a picture of me at, I believe, 33 weeks.


That’s me! And that is also my baby in there (I gained quite a bit of weight but the doctor told me to worry about that post-partum) and he should be here the end of August if he’s patient, doesn’t look like it though. We will stay tuned for his arrival!

I want to say a lot to my son, and I don’t want to get too caught up in life and forget what’s on my mind, I have so much I want to say. Well, here it goes.

Dear Baby Basil, 

I love you already and I haven’t seen your face yet, apart from the distorted ultrasound pictures that I’ve had done watching you move back and forth in my womb. There is so much in this life that you’re going to love, especially having more space to stretch and play, which is probably more fun than sticking inside a small womb and stretching me out to my limit. You have so many people who are ready to play with you

You have so many people who are ready to play with you and be your friend, it’s not funny. You are going to have a huge family when you get here, including Teta, who is going crazy buying your cute outfits, and Seedo, who is planning outings with you. Your Khaltos (aunties) are obsessed with you, and you always hear Khalto Nadeen talk to you daily and give you rubs. Your uncle is so excited to have another boy in the family to hang out with him. You also have a lot of family that you’ll meet later, like another Teta and Seedo and more fun uncles! Trust me, we can’t wait to see you. 

Daddy is so excited to see you too. I believe he hides it sometimes, but he is so excited to be your Baba. He is working really hard to give you the best chance at life, he wants to be the best for you.

I wanted to tell you life is not that hard. Yeah, I’m sure you’ve heard cries and screams from inside your cocoon, and promises to make this better for you, but mashallah life is a beautiful thing. I am going to show you how to be healthy and happy. I am going to show you the true meaning of being kind to all Around you. 

Most of all I’m going to show you how being a Muslim has its hardships but its bountiful rewards in this donya. 

But hey, we got a lifetime together to live through those experiences so no rush. 

Promise me you’ll arrive healthy and safely in my arms, that’s a lot but it is all I ask from you. 

Love you and can’t wait to see you,

Your mommy, Mama, Hadeel



Daily Prompt: Relieved

Usually, these prompts for blog posts end up as long, half-written drafts saved onto my blog and never see the light of day. However, this one may actually make it.


This won’t be a long post and is probably going to be short, but I am relieved from a lot right now. I had a really difficult weekend of health scares and uncertainty, and while that hasn’t entirely gone away, I am relieved that the issues I was dealing with lessened to some extent. I am relieved to have a supportive family, a supportive spouse, good health care personnel and a strong support system of employers and friends. I thank Allah for all of this.


Ok, see you later. via Daily Prompt: Relieved