eid mubarak!

I have been busy with my life so far (details to come!) and our family is preparing for Eid Al-Fitr this week! So this last lunar calendar month was the religious month of Ramadan, where all Muslims abstain from engaging and exposing themselves to activities that are not religious, as well as fasting while the sun is still up.

I can tell you firsthand that the month of Ramadan is a struggle, especially living in a country that is predominantly non-Muslim. However, it is even more¬†rewarding when I realize that I have gone through the majority of my years fasting in the same situation and how I haven’t given up on it. That’s something to be celebrated, even if it seems like something every Muslim in America faces.

The biggest difference this Eid (maybe, maybe not) is that we are in the midst of some major racial profiling of Muslims in light of horrible recent events in Turkey, Baghdad, Orlando, and more. I advise people to go out this Eid, but be extremely cautious and observant of their environment, because this is a frightening time to be a scapegoat. Regardless, I will try to have a good time and celebrate my religious holiday the way I usually do, with family and friends.

Quick question: are you celebrating Eid on the 5th or the 6th of July?

I’ll be posting more soon, and in the meantime, make dua for everyone and I hope everyone has a happy Eid!