baby shower fun!

I am obviously waiting for the due date of my baby boy to come, and due to some prior complications, I am still not sure if I will be undergoing a cesarian section procedure or a natural birth. Tomorrow I will go in for what I believe is my last ultrasound imaging to determine the type of birth and when we should be expecting the baby.

I am nervous but also extremely elated and excited to meet him. Today, his aunt bought him cute booties to wear and they are just the cutest!

Here they are!Adorable, right? The picture features the cute baby to be.

UPDATE: I went to my appointment and I am officially waiting for the baby to come, sans C-Section. So exciting because I am daunted by the birthing process and C-Section equates to more pain.

Regardless, I am now annoyed at because they decided to over-save my blog post with an old draft of the post. ARGH.

Ok, here we go again!

And over the weekend, I had a baby shower for my upcoming boy coming soon!

We had it at the beautiful Saraya Restaurant with over 70 people in attendance.

My friend and Basil’s (that’s the boy’s name!) honorary auntie Hadeel designed and basically planned the entire party’s theme and the included games, and it was a success! Look at this beautiful party spread, all thanks to her awesome, talented self.


Look at all these treats! The jello-filled martini glasses (non-alcoholic of course!) were my favorite. It was berry flavored jello with blueberries inside each glass.


Everything, especially the dessert, was delicious! There were also games during the party, like onesie decorating, belly measuring and baby food tasting (I am most definitely not feeding my son anything that lives in a jar on a Walmart shelf.)

Here is a cropped picture of me cutting the cake. I cropped my face because I wear a headscarf usually, but I was not wearing one in this picture.


I had a wonderful time, and I was excited so many people came to celebrate such a monumental milestone in my life, even if there was an issue with the music playlist and therefore, the music being played. My mother really worked hard to make the party a success, and it was!

My mom is a huge influence in my life, and especially with the pregnancy. She does so much for me daily, as do the rest of my family. I cannot thank them enough for everything.

The pregnancy is tiring me (I’m 36 weeks and three days pregnant) so that’s all for now! I will see you guys later with a shopping haul post once all my goodies come in (aka clothes! Not maternity wear!!!!)

See you guys later!


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